HR & Payroll services

Basic HR services:

  • comprehensive maintenance of employees’ personal files, also within the framework of the so-called e-file, based on the applicable regulations, as well as ongoing auditing of any deficiencies in documentation
  • full service of the ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) payer in terms of reporting the beginning/end of the employee’s employment relationship and any other changes
  • working time reporting and recording – keeping holiday records, recording sick leave, determining the number of daily and average weekly overtime hours
  • comprehensive Employee Capital Plans (PPK) handling with regard to the on-line platform and enrolment and de-registration of participants
  • settlement of domestic and foreign business trips
  • preparation of applications for A1 certificate and European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ)
  • full service in the field of State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People (PFRON) – preparation of monthly and annual declarations, preparation of applications for salary subsidies for employees with disabilities
  • preparation of reports to the Statistics Poland
  • representation of the client during inspections from PIP (State Labour Inspection), ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) or the tax office

Basic payroll services:

  • calculation of employees’ remuneration on the basis of applicable regulations
  • settlement of the remuneration of management board members, proxies, managers
  • settlement of expatriate remuneration in cooperation with Olesiński i Wspólnicy specialists
  • settlement of non-wage benefits
  • settlement of benefits from the Employee Benefit Fund
  • service of bailiff seizures (in terms of making deductions and contact with the bailiff)
  • full service in terms of calculating the amount of public and legal liabilities in terms of submitting ZUS DRA settlement declarations, advances for PIT, PPK (Employee Capital Plans) etc.
  • preparation of remuneration slips for employees – possibility of electronic dispatch directly to employees
  • preparation of annual declarations PIT-11, PIT 4R, PIT 8AR, ZUS IWA
  • preparation of certificates for employees on remuneration and/or employment
  • preparation of HR & payroll reports, as well as summaries according to the client’s needs

Additional HR & payroll services:

  • auditing employee documentation
  • HR and payroll training (according to client’s needs)
  • preparation of corrections to ZUS settlement documents after inspections (the service is available both with regular cooperation with OWAP and on a one-off basis for new clients)
  • support in the recruitment of HR and payroll specialists

Benefits of HR & payroll services

By outsourcing HR and payroll services to us, our clients can be assured that this key area will be comprehensively managed by experienced professionals. This allows them to focus on their business, while benefiting from the reduced costs associated with recruiting and maintaining their own HR and payroll department. 

What distinguishes us?

Flexibility – it is the client who decides which areas they want to entrust to us (whether they only want the payroll area and leave HR in-house and handle it internally, or whether they want to do it in some other configuration).
Openness – we are also prepared to undertake payroll processing within another payroll system (for example, a system that is in place at the client).
Transparency – we define in detail the scope of cooperation, as well as key deadlines for the completion of individual tasks, which provides comfort and security for both parties.
Modernity – we implement solutions (e.g. e-file) that reduce bureaucracy and paperwork and streamline the circulation of payroll documents.

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HR Administration & Payroll Manager
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