State aid and Special Economic Zones

We provide specialist accounting support for companies benefiting from state aid, among our services there are the following activities:

  • full accounting of companies operating in SEZs
  • development and implementation of a chart of accounts enabling control over investments carried out in SEZs
  • allocation of revenue and costs to activities within and outside the SEZ
  • accounting records of eligible costs
  • calculation of tax exemption, including discounting of investment expenditures
  • current control of the level of investment expenditures incurred
  • fulfilling reporting obligations imposed on companies operating in the SEZ, reporting to the SEZ
  • comprehensive handling of inspections carried out by the SEZ


  • the client can focus on the implementation of the investment – we take over reporting responsibilities
  • the investment is managed by a team of experts from various fields, including lawyers, tax specialists, accountants and HR & payroll experts

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